By Brigitte

French Pear Ambience Room Spray


Pear • Apple • Lily of the Valley


Crisp French Pear with the angelic tartness of apple, swept off its feet by this fresh dew that is the lily of the valley flower. 

This ambience room spray is an idyllic, graceful blend of scents to transform your home into a blank canvas of peaceful coastal simplicity. An outdoor white cushioned bed envelopes you as the bamboo trees rustle in the breeze, nothing needs doing today, after all this calming candle is the perfect Spring Clean scent.

“Favourite spray ever, its super easy to quickly infuse rooms with this Spring feeling”

 5 % of every online purchase from the solid gold collection goes to directly to The Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter. 5 % of the By Brigitte Jewellery gold plated range goes directly to Take 3 for the Sea.

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